The Whole Child

Whole child education ensures that children are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

At Primavera School, parents and teachers advocate for the whole child and realize its importance for the future success of our students. Small class size, parent involvement, a sense of community, academic excellence, an integrated curriculum, and close personal relationships exemplify the “whole child” philosophy at Primavera School.

All children deserve an education that fully prepares them for middle school, high school, college, work, and citizenship. Educating the whole child means promoting emotional and physical well-being as well as creativity and critical thinking. Putting children at the center of their education and aligning community resources to their needs, engages them in learning and prepares them for a bright future.


Children must be healthy to achieve at high levels. At Primavera School we provide healthy snacks and lunches, we promote vigorous physical education opportunities on a regular basis, and provide ample recess time for all children everyday of the week.


Children must feel safe to succeed; and at Primavera we provide an inviting, serene, and safe natural environment in which to work and play. Our rules forbid bullying or harassing other children or adults. Fairness, equality, and compassion begin in our classrooms.


To prepare for a global future, our students are motivated to learn and are engaged in their studies. The hands-on learning that takes place in a progressive, developmentally appropriate curriculum keeps our students positive, passionate, and eager to reach their potential. Additionally, foreign languages are taught in our classrooms from preschool through 4th grade.


The PAX Good Behavior Game is a highly regarded and evidence-based behavior program that has gained widespread recognition for its positive impact on classroom dynamics and student behavior. PAX, which stands for "Peace, Productivity, Health, and Happiness," is designed to create a supportive and engaging learning environment by reinforcing positive behaviors among students. At its core, the PAX program focuses on cultivating community within the classroom, promoting prosocial behavior, and ultimately reducing disruptive actions. Primavera is committed to the social and emotional development of all children.


Now, more than ever, a challenging, inspiring, education is the ticket to a good life at work, at home, in the community, and in the broader global community. At Primavera we integrate the arts, physical education, technology, music, and the teaching of foreign languages into our curriculum at all grade levels.


Primavera students are involved in many off-campus activities and field trips which enrich their learning experience. After-school clubs give them opportunities to achieve in their individual areas of interest.
Small class size allows teachers to focus on individual learning styles and keep students challenged.
All children deserve to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged, and at Primavera School, our teachers, our parents, and our Board of Directors are all committed to making sure that our students grow up feeling this way.

Learning More About the Whole Child
Learn more about the Whole Child curriculum at the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development website

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