Our Mission

Primavera School, Inc. is a non-sectarian private school with a legacy of a long and proud tradition of thoughtful school practice and commitment to preparing children for the future as lifelong learners by encouraging high academic standards across a progressive and nature-based curriculum that attends to the whole child. Primavera demonstrates productive and meaningful interactions among families and between teachers and students within multi-aged small classroom settings.

Primavera School was established in the belief that the greatest gift we can give our children is:

Our curriculum from pre-kindergarten through 5th grade is structured to provide a positive educational experience for each individual child. We believe that students learn best by doing. The curriculum fosters high academic achievement by fostering a balanced “whole-child” approach—intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially.

The staff at Primavera care about each child and support children and families with a curriculum that encourages exploration, interaction, experimentation, creativity, and critical thinking.

Primavera's Goals


The gift we give our children is a lifelong love of learning.


Teach our students to have a responsible concern and respect for other people, our things, and the environment.


Provide a safe and peaceful environment in which children can explore, play, and experience hands-on learning in a joyful manner.


Follow a developmentally-based curriculum that promotes active involvement in children’s learning. Children are encouraged to make good choices and participate socially, emotionally, & academically.


Children feel they have a voice and that they are respected and listened to by their teachers and each other.


We teach to the state and national standards but remain flexible enough to meet the needs of our students with a variety of learning styles and developmental timelines.


We assess children’s progress, not with standardized testing, but with more authentic, performance-based demonstrations of their learning.


The arts and physical education are just as important to a child’s curriculum as reading, writing, spelling, and math.


We teach to the “whole child” at Primavera because all children deserve to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.


Parent involvement is welcomed and encouraged at Primavera because we know the importance of working together for the success of every student.

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Our Philosophy

Primavera is an independent non-profit corporation, operated by a Board of Directors made up largely of parents. Over the years we have evolved in structure, but our philosophy has remained the same.

First, we believe that learning is the most important of human endeavors. Schools must be structured to teach the way children learn best, by direct experience and interaction with the real world. Schools must strive to enhance the child’s natural desire to learn by providing structure, encouragement, and success.

Second, we see schools as an extension of the family. Parents should have an active role in their child’s life at school and be informed as to what they are learning and how they learn best. The content, quality, direction, and pace of the child’s day are the concern of the parents and teachers alike. Good schools serve to strengthen family life, which in turn fosters healthy children. Good schools, like families, are interested in educating the “whole child,” keeping them healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. We invite much parent participation within the Primavera community of learners.

Third, we see children as the hope of the future. We owe them every opportunity to grow up in a safe and accepting environment where they can feel good about themselves and the rest of mankind. Research has consistently pointed to early experience, and particularly early education in the foundational years, as the most reliable predictor of adult competence and social adjustment.

Special programs are an integral part of the Primavera experience. We involve all of our students in outside activities and field trips. Extended day outings, and occasional overnight trips, are taken to places of interest in and around Prescott, Arizona, and even neighboring states. Physical education is a regular and valued part of our curriculum. Foreign language (French, Spanish, and sign language), music, art, and technology are integrated components of our preschool through 6th grade curriculum. These experiences enrich the learning of Primavera students.

Primavera is committed to high-quality early childhood education at an affordable cost. Admissions and hiring policies are non-discriminatory. We believe that all children should have access to developmentally-based, enriched, “whole-child” education in a safe and healthy environment.

Learning More About the Whole Child

Learn more about the Whole Child curriculum at the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development website


The Primavera Difference

What sets us apart from other schools in the Prescott area?

Primavera School is not like most other schools. It is a special place where one learns to value his or her gifts, to develop healthy self-esteem, and to love learning. Children are respected, and teachers create a learning environment that can actualize each child’s potential.

A safe, peaceful, natural environment that lends itself to learning.
Small classes and lots of individual attention.
Developmental, hands-on, engaging curriculum.
Beautiful playground and new “Field of Dreams.”
outside classroom
Grand canyon field trip
Foreign language instruction (French &  Spanish) at all levels.
Diverse P.E. curriculum.
Field Trips from Kindergarten through 4th grade (including overnight and extended stay outings to the Grand Canyon and/or other places of interest around the state of Arizona.
Opportunities for parental involvement at many levels.
A community of learners, families, and teachers who share a passion for high quality education.
A gifted, talented, experienced, and caring staff that supports children and families.
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community garden
Environmental education that focuses on recycling and self-sustaining practices for the future such as our “Community Garden” and our chicken coop.
Thematic, integrated curriculum with many multi-age components.
Afterschool programs and clubs on site.
Authentic assessment. No state or standardized testing.

Garden Program

Weekly with Yavapai County Master Gardener, Mrs. Raven!

Primavera students embark on a journey of discovery and growth with Primavera's Garden Program. Each week, Yavapai County Master Gardener, Mrs. Raven, leads the students in a 45-minute hands-on garden education journey.  In small class groups, students get their hands dirty planting seeds, harvesting veggies, and learning to run our school farm stand.

Our deep-dive lessons cover a variety of topics, from plant biology and garden ecosystems to flower anatomy, soil health using regenerative and indigenous practices, entomology, and the art of composting.

But a school garden isn't just about what grows in the soil; it's about what blossoms in our students.  Studies prove that school gardens foster teamwork, self-understanding, resilience, and responsibility. They not only elevate science achievement but also enrich social studies language learning and shape a strong science identity.

Beyond individual growth, Primavera's Garden initiatives promote community bonding and an increase in fruit and vegetable consumption. Our students become environmental stewards, cultivating pro-environmental attitudes and a deep care for all living things.

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The perfect age to work on fine motor skills, social-emotional development skills, self-help skills; as well as cognitive and physical development skills.

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KINDER - 6th

Our curriculum is structured to provide a positive educational experience for each individual child. We believe that students learn best by doing.

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