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Our Story

Nestled in the pines of Prescott, Arizona, you will find our high quality private school with a rich history, small class sizes, abundant outdoor learning, and a place for children to thrive- Primavera School.

Founded in 1972 in the foothills of the Sierra Prieta Mountains, Primavera opened with the mission to provide an alternative reprieve to traditional public school education. We are proud to uphold this mission 50 years later by providing hands-on curriculum and fostering the Whole Child. This creates an environment where students are celebrated and love to learn. 

Primavera School is and always will be a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation, meaning our teachers have the flexibility to teach state standards and enhance curriculum based on the individual needs of each child. The Whole Child approach sets up children to be lifelong learners by fostering self confidence, encouraging the growth mindset, and the opportunity to excel in all areas. We have been able to maintain enrichment activities like foreign languages, music, art, physical and outdoor education, throughout our legacy.

Primavera has been a pillar of private education in the Prescott community and will for years to come. As we look to the future and expand upon our nature based philosophy, we continue to maintain our roots and core values.  We invite you to experience the heart and joy of learning for yourselves and ‘Discover the Primavera Difference’.

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We are always having fun and learning while doing it! Next time you're on campus, come see our extra curricular explorations.


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Higher Everything

We pride ourselves on our core.

“High quality early education in the foundational years is the most reliable predictor of adult competence and social adjustment.”


Our teachers set the bar high, encourage and work with children to produce their best. We know students will rise to the occasion and discover their our talents and gifts.

High Expectations

Primavera students have high academic standards which encourage individuals to reach their full potential.


“Our teachers are highly skilled, caring people with years of experience and expertise in early childhood education.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked question we get all the time that you might be wondering about as well.

Are you affiliated with Primavera Online?

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No, there is no association with our school and the Primavera Online.

When does the school year start?

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The school year typically starts the first week in August. The Preschool typically starts on the first day in August, and the Primary School typically starts a few days later in the first full week of August.

How much does tuition cost?

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Tuition for Preschool ranges from 2 half days at $309 to 5 full days at $824.
Tuition for the Elementary School is $8240 per year, billed $2060 quarterly.
Tuition for the Middle School is $9270 per year, billed $2317.50 quarterly.

Do you offer scholarships?

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Yes, for Preschool we have Quality First Scholarships available. For Primary grades, there are several opportunities for scholarships, from our Orme Primavera Schools Foundation and other Student Tuition Organizations, to State ESAs which provide quarterly funding for qualified students. Please see our scholarships page for more information.

When are holidays, breaks, and school closures?

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Primavera School is closed during most federal holidays. While each year is different, the Primary classrooms close for a week in October and a week in March, and 2 weeks over the Christmas and New Year, in line with the Prescott Unified School District calendar. The Preschool remains open over the spring and fall breaks, although the entire school does close for several days a year for staff development and training days, and closes for a period of time around Christmas and New Years. The Preschool operates year round, although we close the first week in June and the last week in July to prepare for the start of the school year. Please see the Preschool and Primary calendars for this year’s start days and closures.

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